The Search for A Quality Cuppa Tea

Hadley’s Tea has been the place to find high-quality tea in Albuquerque for more than 12
years. And it all started with one woman’s quest for satisfying and delicious tea in the
Founder of Hadley’s Tea, Linda Butler, hails from English roots. Although removed from
Merry Old England for several generations, the British love of tea persisted in her family.
However, Linda grew frustrated at her inability to find really good tea in Albuquerque.
Certain that she was not the only choosy tea lover in the city, Linda decided to remedy the
problem by opening a Tea Shoppe that offered a quality cup of tea in a casual setting…and
everything that tea lovers need to brew the perfect cup at home.


Hadley’s Tea Three Ways

1) Tea for Two – Come in for a casual cuppa tea and a pastry or two in the Tea
Shoppe. We offer a comfortable place to enjoy your tea or coffee with the
company of a friend or a favorite book.
2) Tea to Take – Visit our Tea Shoppe Market to find the perfect tea and all the
accessories you need for a cozy Tea at home.
3) Tea to You – Tea and accessories brought to you when you order from our online
catalog. (Coming Back Soon)


Making the Grade for Hadley’s Tea

Hadley’s Tea carries only the finest teas. Every year, Linda attends the World Tea Expo, an
exposition exclusively for tea retailers where they can meet and taste the teas of growers
from around the world. It is from this massive selection of teas that Linda personally selects
the products that Hadley’s Tea will carry.

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea’s delicious flavor is
a product of nature, not chemistry. And at Hadley’s Tea, we keep it that way, offering a wide
variety of all-natural teas.

The first cup of tea was made of nothing more than tea leaves and water, and at Hadley’s
Tea, all-natural leaves are what we offer so that you can brew your perfect cup. Every tea
we carry is all-natural, which means our teas are:
 Free of artificial flavors
 Free of artificial preservatives
 Free of artificial colors
 Free of chemicals

When you brew any blend of tea from Hadley’s, you get the natural flavor of tea, fruit,
flowers and/or spices.