Tea for Two

In the Tea Shoppe

Hadley’s Tea is nestled in the middle of Market Square shopping center on Jefferson Street NE since its opening in 2003. Sit down at a table for a quiet cuppa tea or coffee and enjoy a pastry or two. Come early to snag a pastry before they’re all gone. You can also enjoy one of our overstuffed chairs nestled in a quiet corner.

Check our menu board for the tea (or coffee) to please your palette. Don’t see what you want, ask. We have many more to tantalize your taste buds and we just might have what you’re looking for.

What tea tickles your fancy?

  • Are you a purist with a love for a classic black tea or a flirty flavored black to titillate your tongue?
  • Do you savor a pure, delicate green tea or one with a hint of added flavor?
  • Do you seek balance in the lovely oolong teas?
  • Are you feeling a need for an herbal tea pick-you-up?
  • Is your desire for a delicate white tea or the red rooibos tea?
  • Perhaps your wish is a decaf to sooth?
  • Mayhap your desire is Linda’s specialTEA blends, but for those, you must ask.

The all-natural teas are here to please from here to there and everywhere around the world from trusted tea growers to Hadley’s and you. Enjoy the lovely teas we keep on our shelves and look for the seasonal visitors that tantalize with special flavors. Whether loose-leafed or bagged. Hadley’s Tea carries one of the largest selections of loose-leaf and bagged teas in Albuquerque.


Tea to Take:

Visit our Tea Shoppe Market to find the perfect tea and all the accessories you need for cozy Tea at home.