Tea to Take   

Visit our Tea Shoppe Market to find the perfect tea and all the accessories you need for cozy tea at home.


Don’t have time to drop in for a casual cuppa? Albuquerque’s Premier Tea Company invites you to drop into our Tea to Take Market to purchase whatever you need for your perfect, cozy Tea at home.



What will you find in the tea to Take Market?

  • Black tea, white tea, green tea, red tea, herbal tea, decaf tea,
  • special tea, blended tea and qualiTea.

  • Kettles and pots of every type: ceramic, China, flowered, and electric powered to brew and steep your lovely tea.
  • Tea infusers & spoons & strainers, plus strainers & squeezers & measurers & timers, also: cozies & caddies & bag rests & bag holders & trivets and tongs. So many things you never knew you needed.
Novel-TEAS and Gifts for your tea-loving friends:
  • The special mug or cup or kettle.
  • The socks (socks? yes socks – we like socks) so special and toasty warm.
  • Animals you’d never see on a farm (Pink elephants with flowers all over, a giraffe, or chicken as bright and flowery)
  • Dream catchers & wind catchers & chimes.
  • For Easter or Christmas, Thanksgiving or the 4th, Spring and Fall or Summer and Winter there’s something to please for the change of the seasons.


Whether to give as a gift or keep for your Tea Time, there’s always something for someone to enjoy in the Market.


If you can’t come in to pick out a tea remember the third way we have tea:


Tea to You:

Tea and accessories

brought to you when you order online.